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Your Kampo Food - A scoop of holistic health

One dish,

One cup of tea,

One scoop of tasteful experience.

Our Kampo Powder

Our Kampo herbal powder made is
made of high-quality ingredients made solely from natural ingredients.

We carefully store them into easy-to-use,
tightly sealed small packets to maintain freshness and nutritional values.

Our Kampo Health Checking Tool

Our proprietary cutting edge AI algorithm technology
is built to visualize and analyze both your body and mind,
thus capable of choosing the most appropriate Kampo ingredient recommendation
digesting from over a million patterns.

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You can enjoy preparing for your original healthy meal
and drinks with our Kampo Herbal Powder
– whether it’s a warm cup of mind-easing hot tea,
or as a kitchen condiment that will enhance flavor,
aroma and health benefits into your meal, and so much more!

パウダー+お湯 = 漢方茶

肝パウダー+塩+顆粒帆立だし  = 海鮮スープ

心パウダー+お湯+野菜ジュース+コンソメ  = ミネストローネ風スープ

脾パウダー+お湯+寿司酢+ラー油  = 酸辣湯風スープ

肺パウダー+お湯+胡椒+コンソメ  = コンソメスープ

腎パウダー+顆粒鶏ガラスープ+豆乳+塩  = 鶏白湯風スープ

And more...

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What's New

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-Building A New Frontier of 'Kampo' with Our Team of Professionals

We will strive to deliver your ultimate Kampo Hyper Food
- tailored and personalized with the kampo ingredients blended just for you along with our collaborations
with top-ranked professionals in Kampo Herbal Medicine, nutritionists,
medical doctors, data scientist, engineer, and chef!

Our Kampo Health Checking Tool
Along with our cutting-edge Kampo herbal hyper-powder ingredients,
we will also keep you updated with our upcoming recipes, seminars and events.

Hirotaka Kato


Love children and animals,
passionate about creating and building new user-friendly UX
with mixed design and other themes.

Iori Matsuda

Acupuncturist / Bodywork Therapist / Kampo Therapist

Studied eastern medicine throughout Japan and in Taiwan,
travels around the world helping clients achieve their highest potentials both mentally
and physically through his acupuncture practice.

Chika Suzuki

Nutritionist / Kampo Advisor

A mother of two children, chika is a veteran who has long worked for several notable Kampo pharmacy in Japan.
She is passionate about helping people deal
with parenting and human relationships through Kampo.

Atsushi Kawasaki

Pharmaceutical Researcher / AI Engineer

Atsushi is a researcher in drug discovery using AI.
His passion is to leverage his deep knowledge into vast variety of medicine
and develop a safe and optimal Kampo herbal medicinal food for each individual.

Yuta Kondo

Registered Dietitian / Chef

A chef. Yuta has been very keen in food and health,
leveraging his rich background and experiences having worked for major hospitals in Japan as a nutritionist.
He is passionate about creating an easy-to-cook, healthy and delicious recipes.